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Working daily in the Palm Beach County legal system

West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney, Roger P. Foley, was born in New York. His parents were not white collar and they certainly were not lawyers. They were poor. The low income neighborhood that he grew up in were like many here, in Florida. Neighborhoods such as these are often associated with crimes such as grand theft, petit theft, possession of marijuana, possession of narcotics, assault and battery, domestic violence, violations of probation and DUI. Growing up in an area where many people are arrested gives a Criminal Defense Lawyer a great understanding of the situation(s) that his clients may be experiencing. Mr. Foley had neighbors growing up that were arrested for gun crimes, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly intoxication, burglary and various theft crimes. It may sound like a neighborhood filled with crime but good people live in tough neighborhoods. Good people make mistakes. Good people can get caught up in their circumstances. Good people become associated with with bad influences and they end up at the Palm Beach County Jail, better known as Gunn Club. Accordingly, they now need an aggressive criminal attorney that knows the inside track to accomplishing things quickly. It starts with knowing a bondsman that will pick up the phone at 2:00am to post a bond versus the bondsman that claims to be available 24 hours a day. It extends to knowing what prosecutors to call at the Palm Beach County Main Courthouse, and what state attorneys to contact at the North, South and West Courthouses in Palm Beach County. An experienced attorney needs to reach out to the judicial assistants for the PB Count Judges to have things set on the court’s calendar. Nobody wants to get lost in the criminal justice system, defendants that seek to represent themselves or that hire an “attorney” that dabbles in the arena of criminal defense will often be caught in an unforgiving maze. Your criminal history is too important. You need a top rated criminal defense attorney at your side that will be compassionate to your situation but will also tell it to you straight. You want a criminal attorney that you can talk to like a big brother. An attorney that cares about the result of your case and wants to help you get back on track.

Mr. Foley, is well-known and respected in the court system.
Prosecutors know him as someone that will take the time to analyze his client’s case and forward an email with case law attached. He is willing to do what is necessary to get the best result. Mr. Foley has successfully defended numerous misdemeanor and felony cases during his 12 years as a criminal defense lawyer in South Florida.

Being arrested in Palm Beach County is undoubtedly a horrifying experience. Fear of what will happen in your criminal case can cause an immense amount of anxiety. Our West Palm Beach attorneys are counselors at law and that means that we will allocate time to explain the process and help calm your fears. We will work diligently to come up with best way to resolve your case. Criminal cases have varying stages and there is no reason for you not to know what is going on with your case. West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer, RP Foley, will keep you informed from the beginning to the end.

Respected Criminal Trial Lawyer, Roger P. Foley
If you’ve been arrested or are being investigated by law enforcement in Palm Beach, The Law Office of Roger P. Foley, P.A. is ready to prove your innocence. We will use our years of experience to come up with the best defense based on the facts of your case. We will make recommendations to limit your exposure. First priority is keeping you out of jail or prison and the second priority it to keep a conviction off your record.

We advocate daily for our clients
The criminal defense attorneys at The Law office of Roger P. Foley will discuss your case with the state attorney (prosecutor) so that they understand your version of events. We will provide case law and memorandums of law, when appropriate. Our goal is always helping you, it is never based on our own agenda but rather the needs of our clients. We will listen and we will use the information you share, along with our extensive knowledge of the law, to advocate your position. The goal is to acquire the best result possible in your criminal case.

Resolving a case via Plea Bargain or Fighting the case via Motions and or Trial— Attorney Roger P. Foley has built a solid reputation in the legal system. Part of that reputation is his ability to negotiate a plea bargain. A criminal trial attorney in PB county must be willing to go to trial. Failure to try cases gives you a negative reputation; he or she is scared to go to trial and they will accept anything. Prosecutors have no duty to give a defendant a good deal, they must have opposition. Prosecutors have seen Attorney Roger P. Foley file and argue extensive and complex motions to suppress and motions to dismiss in his cases. RP Foley does the grunt work in his cases and they know it. He will battle prosecutors every step of the way, when necessary. However, he is always respectful and kind. Understanding a point from opposing sides is never lost on Attorney Foley. Mr. Foley’s view when representing a case is to do what is best for the client. Sometimes that is entering the client into diversion program, sometimes it involves probation and sometimes it means going to a jury trial. RP Foley believes when fighting a case that you need to always be kind and respectful, if they (the prosecution) won’t do what the defense attorney wants or can’t do it then the fight is on. Work the prosecution hard. Make them respond in writing, make them research, make them involve their trial partners and their supervisors and make them prove every step of the way that the client is guilty of the charges. It’s not easy to roll a ball down a hill when there is a mass obstructing the way. West Palm Beach Criminal Trial Attorney Roger P. Foley has a reputation for standing up and standing in the way of the opposition when working to prove his client’s innocence. President Theodore Roosevelt was fond of a West African Proverb, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” As a criminal defense trial lawyer it’s essential to be kind and respectful but to keep your legal knowledge sharp and your trial skills at the ready because some case will not be dismissed on a technicality nor will the state offer a plea bargain that does not involve significant incarceration. The big stick is the ability to be ready to argue motions and go to trial when it is essential to a client’s case.

How do criminal defense attorneys prepare a defense?
As Palm Beach County criminal defense attorneys, it is our job to use the information provided by our client and to read the police report with skepticism. An easy analogy for football fans is being a “Monday Morning Quarterback.” We review what occurred and criticize everything we disagree with, after the fact. Criminal Attorney, Roger P. Foley uses every bit of his knowledge to dissect rules and procedures exercised by police in making the arrest of his client. He uses a lot of common sense and challenges the typical response by police of “based on my training and experience” by going to the police officer’s training file and pulling all of his training to impeach him. If we fight the case, at the request of our client, then we fight. There is no stone unturned. We look at the procedures that were not followed and we look at internal affairs complaints. We request CAD reports and 911 calls. We attack every witness whether civilian or policeman and examine their testimony. We hire investigators. We take depositions and we go to the scene of the alleged incident. We hire expects. We look for deficiencies in the credibility of witnesses, performance of police and the factual aspects of the case. We do mock trials of the case. We do this to test varying strategies so that there is an increased possibility of victory. We work hard because we know that a jury trial is a gamble, we know the criminal system has many flaws that could jeopardize our client’s freedom so we do the work to increase their chance of success. We have brought in other attorneys, on occasion, to bring in a different perspective. Egos have no place in a client’s criminal trial. We will work with other skilled lawyers to give our client the best trial team possible. We believe this fighting approach is what an older brother would do for his younger brother and as criminal defense attorneys we are akin to being our client’s big brother. We fight for our brothers.

Be confident in the criminal defense attorneys you hire in Palm Beach County and neighboring counties and consider our firm, The Law Office of Roger P. Foley, P.A. We serve Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Martin County primarily but have defended cases in St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Miami-Dade Counties. Call us at (561) 746-7076


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